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MPS Science Center

MPS Science Center

"To provide every student with engaging hands-on science inquires that help students create a deep understanding of the natural world and inspires an enduring passion for creative scientific learning."

Here is a video for students, families and community members showcasing how students learn science in MPS.

The Minneapolis Public Schools Science program has a long history of module-based hands-on science curriculum. When students work directly with materials, observe how things work, have opportunities to manipulate objects and ask genuine questions, and try to answer their own questions, they become more scientifically literate.

Each MPS science module comes fully equipped with all the materials needed for an entire class to conduct investigations that teach certain science concepts. When a science unit is complete (usually in eight or twelve weeks) the module is returned, and a new module containing all materials for the next science unit is delivered to the classroom. The MPS Science Center stocks all materials, refurbishes each module, and makes sure that all modules are ready for classroom science investigations. 

Science Centers
The National Science Foundation says that, "Science is an active process and learning science is something students do, not something that is done to them." In that spirit we have assembled quality science materials to provide our students with hands-on and minds-on science experiences. At the heart of the Minneapolis Public Schools' science program is our district's Science Center at North Star School. Our Science Center houses our Science Materials Center and our Living Materials Center.