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Elementary School

Science for Kids is a website from the American Chemical Society and has fun quizzes and activies for students in grades 2-8. Engaging activities are in the topics of chemical and physical change, material characteristics, motion and energy, planet earth, your body and others. 

Natural History for Kids is for students in grades 2-8 and covers topics in earth, space, and life. This website is very interactive and interesting for children and can help spark interest in science. 

Smithsonian for Kids is a fun interactive website for students in grades 2-8 and has games and quizzes in many science topics. 

PBS Kids is another engaging and interactive games for students interested in science. This website is aimed for students in grades 2-4. 

Science News has has interesting news articles and resources for hands-on activities and books to read in atoms and forces, earth and sky, humans and health, life, and technology and math.  

neoK12 has educational videos, lessons and games for k-12 students in topics including physical science, life science, earth and space and human body.

BBC KS2 Bitesize is aimed towards students from 2-6 and has games, videos and articles in topics including living things, materials and physical processes.

EIA Energy Kids is a great resource for students to learn about energy and has articles and other fun information for students in grades 2-6. 

EPA WaterSense Kids has interactive and fun information including a game regarding how water is important to us on Earth. 

Discovery Kids is website designed for students in grades 2-6 to learn more about science. This website includes games, puzzles, quizzes, fun facts and interesting articles in various topics in science.

National Geographic Kids has fun videos, games and news articles for children in grades 2-6 interested in science.