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101 Science

In the popular book, 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Science, kids, ages 8-12, are challenged with questions about Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science and General Science. Now, you can take all the fun of science from the book anywhere! With this quiz application, you can test your science knowledge on the go!


3D Brain

Use your touch screen to rotate and zoom around 29 interactive structures. Discover how each brain region functions, what happens when it is injured, and more.


Best Science Facts

This cool FREE app gives you tons of quick and concise snippets of fun and educational science facts.


Bobo Explores Light

Hold a fully functional science museum for kids 4-12 in the palm of your hand! Discover an app that takes fundamental scientific concepts for school-age children and injects them with humor, astonishment and whimsy.


BrainPOP Featured Movie

Watch a different animated movie every day, then test your new knowledge with an interactive quiz – free!


Complexity Science

A beautifully illustrated interactive introduction to complexity science—a whole new way of understanding our world. Each characteristic of complexity science is presented in an engaging and non-technical way.


Discovery Channel

Watch clips and full episodes from Discovery's award-winning shows.


Fotopedia Wild Friends

Wild animals as you have never seen them. Embark on an extraordinary adventure and meet new friends; a baby sea turtle hatching, a sleepy polar bear, a fascinating great grey owl...Each encounter will surprise you and probably make you smile.


Hubble Top 100

Feel the Universe at your fingertips and access a universe of knowledge with the ESA/Hubble Top 100 Images, which brings users the best Hubble pictures from ESA, as NASA's partner in this international project.


iLearn Solar System HD: Making Science Fun

Making Science fun for kids. Talking Astronaut Ashley explores a 3D model of the Solar System, making it a fun learning experience for young minds.


Life Cycle App

A life cycle is a period involving different stages of a species from birth through reproduction. As kids grow, they need to know and understand how life starts, morphs through various stages into an adult and how life starts all over again. This app is easy to use, intuitive and most importantly, provides educational content with great illustrations and narrations for students, schools and montessori's.


Sid’s Science Fair

Sid’s Science Fair engages players (ages 3 to 6) in experiential learning with core science and math concepts from classification and identifying patterns to charting and sequencing. Emcee’d by Sid, from the hit series SID THE SCIENCE KID, the app presents three absolutely addictive Science Fair games specially crafted for your curious early learner(s).