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Earth Science

BBC Science is a website where you can find many interesting articles and is regularly updated with fun science news. 

Nova scienceNOW shows that science is exciting and means adventure and exploration!

Science News has news articles and resources for hands-on activities and books to read in the earth sciences. 

Natural Hazards (USGS) including earthquakes, volcanoes and more has visual representations of current activity of the tectonic plates and climate on Earth.

MN DNR Natural History is a great resource to learn more about Minnesota and how the landscape formed and wildlife communities developed. This resource is a good tool for students in grades 5-8.  

UCMP Berkeley: Life has a History is aimed towards K-4 (level 1) and 5-12 (level 2) and is a fun interactive tool for students learn about fossils and life on Earth.

NASA Earth Kids has games, puzzles, quizzes and articles in topics of air, land, natural hazards and water.

ABC Environment is a science website that has articles, games and quizzes for students.