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Safety In The Classroom
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Safety Guidelines
Safety Guidelines

General classroom safety rules:

  1. Listen carefully to your teacher's instructions. Follow all directions. Ask questions if you don't know what to do. 
  2. Tell your teachers if you have any allergies.
  3. Never put any materials in your mouth. Do not taste anything unless your teacher tells you to do so.
  4. Never smell any unknown material. If your teacher tells you to smell something, wave your hand over the material to bring the smell to your nose. 
  5. Do not touch your  face, mouth, ears, eyes, or nose while working with chemicals, plants, or animals. 
  6. Always protect your eyes. Wear safety goggles when necessary. Tell your teacher if you wear contact lenses.
  7. Always wash your hands with soap and warm water after handling chemicals, plants, or animals. 
  8. Never mix any chemicals unless your teacher tells you to do so. 
  9. Report all spills, accidents, and injuries to your teacher. 
  10. Treat animals with respect, caution, and consideration. 
  11. Clean up your work space after each investigation.
  12. Act responsibly during all science activities.


From FOSS 3rd edition. "Science Safety in the Classroom."